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The Author of articles found in this blog was granted “Pratita V. Kusuma”  as name by her very stonehead -but yet- very  lively Daddy. In ancient Java language, Pratita means happiness. But as she found out that her friends and teachers had difficulty to call her name, she managed to shorten it into Tita, or sometimes “Tita Kusuma” ,

She  is just another  extraordinary girl wannabe..

She loves to…. read, loves to…. read and  yeah….  loves to read!!

and she loves bolabunder for sure….

She can be a very diligent young adult for one rare occasion,
but most of the time,  she is the lazy monster alive.

Heaven for her is when she has spare time, together with good books, rainy day, nice  warm blanket and tons of orange fruits. Oh,  wet hairs after long hot bath as an addition to those condition above, is always more preferable. You people are better  off, leave her alone,  when she is in that state of peace, however a company from her favorite person in the whole wide world is always welcomed.

People who  know her well said that her personal’s always in the  calm, quite and shy mode, perfectly fit with the image of a girl came from Surakarta Hadiningrat**
but i know better, she is actually the  chatty overjoyed person, the one to blame if there were any chaos running  around her.

IMO for her own good, one of those day, she’ll really need to fix her mind.

best regard,


**-S.H. is that tiny winy little town in central java she adores so damn much, where time’s moving so slow and people still have smile playing on their lips everytime she pass them by-


notes from Tita (Oct 2010):

I’ve been planning to share my ultimate dream with the greatest leader of Indonesia by letter. Hopefully he can help me to make it comes true.
It’s obviously an ambitious dream, a mega-project, very expensive, yet not impossible and very prestigious.

it will be a marvelous piece of art and an example of unity in diversities

even one day it can be one of heritage sites of our beloved country…a legacy for future generation

Just like Tony Stark said, “It’s not about me. It’s not about you, either. It’s about legacy, the legacy left behind for future generations. It’s not about us! “

Dear Allah, please gives me the capability to make it real

please, people pray for me..


14 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Mbak, coba bahas novel “Love, Hate, & Hocus-Pocus” Dong! Pengarangnya sori lupa, tapi seinget gw nama Indonesia sih…
    Bahas dong, bagus apa ga… ^^

  2. halo,aku mau tanya kamu beli buku quidditch through the ages dan fantastic beast and where to find them dimana ya? di gramedia aku udah nyari susah bgt. online shop buku yg bagus apa kira2? thankyou so much! please reply me on rolenria@yahoo.com. thankyou!

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