He’s my one witty little brother, named H. Caraka.

We both love reading, cycling, cooking and swimming.

We both fond of  History.

He haven’t like ‘real’ girls yet, he likes Miku, from the vocaloid, and many other only-exist-in-screen-and-action-figure girls.

I think the “we’ll find love in the right time and right person, later!”  did run in the family.

He’s famous for getting short-term memory lost. Usually has many things going on in his mind, sometimes i can hear his brain spinning, wooosh wooosh.

Our mom can only “ckckckckc” us every time she finds us together, at his or my room, each with a book, in silent, for hours, forgetting the world problem.. like eat, sleep, taking a bath, going to pee,… or moving.

Sometimes we chat along for hours and hours until our Dad sternly told us that “it is time for sleeping, go to your room!” .


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