She is my youngest cousin, Ajeng. Oh No, No.. don’t let that big, puss-in-the-boots liked eyes fooled you, she’s truly a handful three years old brat. She can manage sooo many mischief, My Gran often calls her “kunyil”, it’s a common nick name for little girl who can’t behave. *chuckles

You can yell or shout to her as loud as you can, make your face as scary as possible, or pretend that you’re as angry as a bull, she just wouldn’t flinch.. Instead, in return, she will give you her famous cheeky smile and gigles. Brave little ones she is.

And the fact that she was conceived after seventeen years of trying – yes 17 years, this one is a long time coming, so you who hadn’t succeed on conceiving, dont give up, the time will come 😉 – even adding more reason to us to become a little more loose on her..

Anyhoo, No more to say than ‘she does get all of us wrapped in those little fingers’


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