Do it Yourself – Curtain

Saya memutuskan menutup . Trus berhubung sayang tulisannya, aku re-post aja di sini…jadi ceritanya pindahan ke bobobaca. Ababil! iya! hahaha…nikmati aja yaaa 🙂

Horeee project curtain done!!

It’s easy, pretty and -most importantly- cheap!

How much you need to spend on nice curtain that has matching color scheme with your whole room? Last time i checked, it will cost me about 200K, and i didn’t even craze with its colors.

And how much this project cost? Barely 70K! Almost One third of the of the offering price, with all features i expect from curtain, privacy and matching color..and additional cuteness!


Ps: thanks for ashley for the inspiration…


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