Beach Bag

Saya memutuskan menutup . Trus berhubung sayang tulisannya, aku re-post aja di sini…jadi ceritanya pindahan ke bobobaca. Ababil! iya! hahaha…nikmati aja yaaa 🙂

I and my friends are going to Pulau Seribu – Seribu Island- this new year’s weekend! Yayy!

At first, because of our lack of money – duh!- we intended to go there without travel agent. But, Boy, it was difficult to get homestay in this peak season, it seems like a whole Jakarta are going there! Lucky, I came accross this phone number, 085814606857, belong to Pak Bustanil Arifin, the owner of Audy Homestay in Tidung Island. He was really helpful, offered us quite cheap price, 300K per pax, only a bit more expensive than if we went there without travel agent.

We’re very excited about the plan, remembering our last trip there…..


Aaaand, in the joy of going to the beach, I made this…..


Easy peazy Beach Bag!

Made this from excess garment came from my pijama’s project and curtain’s project…..
Isn’t it pretty??


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