About Heart

Heart is fragile, that’s very  true. Very true.
But that doesn’t mean we have to lock it behind the bars to keep it safe.
Awful things like that will only making it cold, wrinkle and shaggy
Let it free, dancing among the stars that look at it with envy,
let it free, breathing the fresh air of admiration from the admirers,
let it free, enjoying such warm sunlight smile,
Let it free and blossom whenever some silly winds trying to enchant it,
make it float like  ice cream in chocolate fudge.
bittersweet and inviting….
Always a risk of broken, yes very true. Very True.
but  isn’t time the finest healer?
let the time mend the broken heart,
for not only time can heal it perfectly,
but  also able to make it more  prudent, charming and shining.
Then at one certain day, there will be one certain wind,
one which is the toughest among all,
one who comes with only one will,
to scoop it over the moon, and make a happily ever after  of it.
forever… forever…forever


Pratita V. Kusuma


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