Padang Bulan, Cinta dalam Gelas & I miss you Dad!

I’ll write this post in english, like i always do when i think it will sound corny or sappy in Indonesian.

Daddy or Bapak, that’s how I call him. He was the first man who hold me dearly,  when I greeted the world, 24 years ago.

in my childhood, I was his favorite, and he is my funny daddy. When  other fathers took his daughter to the park  or toy shop, he took me to the cinema. When my friend got dolls as birthday present,  I got a very cool remote-controlled mini-racing-car. There always been  a little tears and many kisses-bye when He went to work.  He built swing by swing  just to amuse me, work every time. He made my first basketball ring and played it with me  the whole evening. He let me playing in the rain. He doesn’t crazy about  football, so don’t i. He loves bicycle, so do I. He teaches me to love reading although He doesn’t.

Then the dark-age came. I can’t recall how many quarrels  I’ve ever had with him  in my teenage or  how much angry tears I’ve spilled because of him…Hey, I was a smart, boyish young girl, a stonehead ones. And  He was the big-scary-demanded-father and a stonehead too. There were  time where  We were not meant to be in a same room, my Mum used to make sure of that.  If  He were  restricting me to do one thing, I would go and do that.  I’m sure in one moment, I’ve got him frustrated which lead to his illness. I’m Sorry Daddy…

Now that I’ve grown up, and lessen my swell-headed a bit, and show him that I worth his love..That big-scary-demanded-father  has gone too.  He’s now a proud dad, loving, caring and Mr. Fulfilling-dream. And me? It is safe to say that  I’m  once again becoming  a happy spoiled daddy-girl,  who just  realizing that he loves me damn much….and knowing that he wants a grandchild..holly cow, Dad!!

All of that, makes me loving those book bellow :

Many Author talk about mum, but I always  fond of Andrea Hirata’s way to worship his father in all of his books. “Ayah paling Hebat diseluruh dunia”. That’s how Feel about my Dad too. Loving mum is a default, isn’t it? Loving dad, well, there are many up and down we need to walk on to realize it.

In his new book, Padang Bulan and Cinta dalam Gelas, Andrea told us not only about his father, but also about Enong’s Father.   Enong’s father is a poor tin miner in Balitong who admire her  daughter’s deepest desire to be an english teacher wholeheartedly. Knowing exactly that he’s not wealth enough to provide all Enong’s needs doesn’t stop him to do his best to help Enong’s dream come true. So He works harder, longer,  focusing his mind for saving little money month by month,  only because he wants to buy “Kamus Bahasa Inggris Satu Miliar kata”  which he has seen in the flea market.

And when  He  finally gets spare money, He buys that book, wraps it with beautiful wrapping paper,   proudly arrange those sentences below and asking the seller to write it down in the first page of the “Kamus Bahasa Inggris Satu Miliar kata”

Buku ini untuk anakku, Enong

Kamus satu miliar kata

cukuplah untukmu untuk bisa menadi guru bahasa Inggris

seperti bu Nizam.

Kejarlah Cita-Citamu, Jangan menyerah, Semoga sukses.



There were tears brimming  in my eyes when I read this part.  Remembering my Father have ever been wrote that kind of sentences for me too, few years ago, when I was  leaving home to study in Jakarta. “Kejarlah Cita-Citamu, Jangan menyerah, Semoga sukses.” Enong’s Father   is a quiet man, a great father and beautiful husband.  My dad kinda like that  too, beside his talk-active side. So then  I’m  silently prying to Allah to grant me a man like them.

The book on the right ” Daddy I miss You”  is a book on how a father should rise his child. I found it early this year on the gramedia bookself. I was just aimlessly reading it, but before i knew,  this book’s  lines caught my heart. So I decide to buy it….for my future….husband ^^ .  See that’s sappy…..

Fine then, I think it’s my time to sleep

I love you Daddy, and I wish you men lucky enough to be ” Ayah Paling Hebat di seluruh dunia”




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