Books Editor = bloody moron

Recently, I think I hate those editors   😦

They are such a bloody moron….all of them…

Why? here’s why..

few months ago, I went  to bookstore (likeialwaysdo) that was first time I saw Little Women in those enviable  bookcases. The only thing cross my mind was  ” Ouww  this is  sweet, finally every nowdays kiddo will know about this story”  I was  sincerely  thankful for the  editors sensitivity on a great book.

Then  Secret garden and Heidi came out. I stared  at those books  with  awe, remembering   when Shirley Temple dominated the TV show,  and how happy I was that time. Once again a book  brought back a  happy  childhood memories. I thank you for that.

Not long after,  I found my self  stared at bunch  of Jean Webster books . There are Daddy Long Legs (the story of Jervis -my fav- and Judy)  and Just Patty . Those tales were as old as time (my time) .I remember  was   standing in there, tapping  my foot and raising my brow, and finally grabbing both …. my decision to save money, wasted!

and then there are Little Princess too!  The story about lovely  little girl living in  luxurious boarding school , whose world falling apart when her daddy gone, but there, in her loneliness she found true friends and another type of happiness, those kind of stories are always appealing for me.

but that’s not all!!

when i came there last week,  i’ve nearly stunned,

There are packages!  Many many many  complete collection packages of  Malory Towers series,  St. clair series , Roald Dahl series and Bartimaeus Trilogy -actually there are twilight’s package too, but since it new. Seems like Gramedia re-published them all!  damn!! don’t those bloody editors know that those books   are all  my favorite, still be my favorite!! -well of course they don’t..still mad though :(-

actually, there are other books too, different entitled books, but all with single red rose seal and catchy classic brown cover…maybe new classic stories  line of gramedia, maybe….

the thing is,  they  did look super duper cool to  me …

and it represented Nobody’s boy (that Remi kid and signor vitalis, have heard, haven’t ya?) and secret garden!

Oh boy!!


See That…see what you’ve got me ???

All of those books are my favorite!

And you’ve got me miserable for not having all of  them!!

you’ve got me questioning, why do you re-published all of them in very rapid moment!!!

Why haven’t you given  any free shopping  voucher  for us, your loyal customer ??? (it’s for the book publisher.. uh huh, yes were dreaming  it..)

you’ve got me all  sad 😦


Geee…how drama queen i am??^^



who is in love with  classic “classy” stories since beginning
who has ever
(and still) had a dream of dating  a books editor, just because  they are so cool in her mind  ^^


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